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Kim Singleton

Kimberly Singleton, executive producer and host of Consider it Blacklit, has over 20 years in the media and entertainment industry. She has worked as a finance and budgeting executive for major media companies developing budgets and managing the financial operations of television programming. She holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Finance.

Singleton is also a content creator. She has written, directed, and produced short films screened at film festivals around the world. Her short film C-Lo: In the Beginning was featured at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Market in Cannes, France. Her screenplay, Conscious, which deals with a young poet living with the HIV virus, qualified her as a finalist in the BET Rap-It-Up short subject screenplay competition. The stage version of Conscious was performed at the 2018 New York Theater Festival.

As a poet, Singleton's photo-illustrated, book-length poem I Love My People will be published by Broadleaf Books (an imprint of 1517 Media) in 2023. This poem celebrates African American culture and Black resistance.

Ms. Singleton is the owner of Sing Sing 2000 Entertainment (a.k.a. SS2K Media), a film, video and digital production company.

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